Quality Policy - Environmental Policy - Betsukawa Corporation

Basic Philosophy

    We provide effective system and valuable service for future of environment and society, taking advantage of our control technology. Together with stakeholders, we are aiming for achieving sustainability through our business activities and actions of all employees.

Quality Policy - Environmental Policy

  1. Promote education to ensure our employees understand that improving quality and environmental preservation are one of the key tasks for our business activities and achieve performance with high level of quality awareness and environmental awareness.
  2. Establish quality management system and environmental management system to effectively implement them to ensure customer-focused practices and value on environmental protection. Ensure that all departments can use the required resources for the implementation of the quality management system and the environmental management system.
  3. Understand the environmental impact and make efforts to promote resources recycling, waste reduction, and prevention of environmental pollution to reduce environmental load when we do business and provide products and services.
  4. Set the quality goals and environmental goals to implement our policies. Evaluate and review the goals periodically for continuous improvement.
  5. Meet requirements that we agree to, including laws, regulations, ordinances, and customer requirements when we do business and provide products and services.
  6. Take measures to communicate this policy to all employees and ensure that it is understood. Disclose our policy upon requests from outside parties or when needed. Share this policy with our partner companies to encourage their appreciation and cooperation.